Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change the READY message on HP Printers

A little bit of Friday humour...

Be aware that this may be against your organisations Acceptable Use Policy. Also be aware that people without a sense of humour may not find it funny. Don't get into trouble!

The message may be reset to the default by power cycling the printer, or re-running the script and passing "READY" as the message.

Please note, I have not tested this... yet... hehehe.

Telnet to port 9100 on the printer and enter the following: 

\e%-12345X\@PJL JOB

Some funny suggestions:
“Insert Coin”,
“Insert Cheese”,
“Im Sad..”,
“Low Monkeys”,
“Feed me a cat”,
“Insert Butter & Jam”,
“Free The Ink!!”,
“My Cousin Is A Toaster”,
“Load Soy Latte”,
“Paper Tastes Funny Today”,
“Free Hugs..”,
“Toner Tastes Funny Today”,
“Press OK Button for Pacman”,
“Flower Power Mode”,
“Incoming Fax…”,
“Cheese Mode”