Thursday, March 5, 2009

SCCM: Distribution Points

It seems that if a Distribution Point in the SCCM distribution model exceeds its configured retries, it doesn't appear to run a maintenance task in order to get those packages. The maintenance task essentially checks what packages the server is meant to have against the packages it finds already on the disk. (You can copy the files in there manually and it will be quite happy).

In order to force the Distribution Points to run a maintenance task, I acquired this handy little script from Microsoft and have scheduled it to run nightly against a collection of machines that has the Distribution Point role. Sit back and you can watch the network activity jump at the scheduled time.

' Set required variables.
actionNameToRun = "Peer DP Maintenance Task"

' Create a CPAppletMgr instance.
Set controlPanelAppletManager = CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr")

' Get the available ClientActions object.Set availableClientActions = controlPanelAppletManager.GetClientActions()

' Loop through the available client actions. Run matching client action when found.
For Each clientAction In availableClientActions
If clientAction.Name = actionNameToRun Then
wscript.echo "Ran: " & clientAction.Name
End If

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