Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enforce Google Safe Search

So Google is no longer going to permit the nossl DNS trick that previously allowed organisations to disable SSL for searches so that Safe Search could be enforced.

Google Online Security Blog: An update to SafeSearch options for network administrators

The option that they are now permitting is a DNS trick to point users to forcesafesearch.google.com which will still be SSL enabled, but will not allow the user to disable Safe Search.

The only way to ensure this for all Google search engines is to create a DNS zone for each of Googles search domains.... all 193 or so.

Microsoft doesn't let you create a CNAME entry for the parent zone, but it does allow you to create a DNAME entry, so I came up with this script to create all of the zones.

The script, the google.txt file and some basic instructions can be found here.

(I added the length check because the original text file had some carriage returns at the end.)

As always, no responsibility is accepted for its use.

 #Check for the Input file  
 $FileCheck = Test-Path $inputfile  
 if ($FileCheck -eq "True")  
      write-output "Input file located"  
      write-output "Please supply file containing google zone list"  
 #Process each line in the Input file and create a zone and DNAME record  
 foreach ($zone in Get-Content $inputfile)  
      $len = $zone.length -as [int]  
      if ($len -gt 5)  
           write-output "Processing entry $($count). Creating zone for $($zone)"  
           dnscmd /zoneadd $zone /dsprimary  
           write-output "Processing entry $($count).Creating DNAME entry for $($zone)"  
           dnscmd /recordadd $zone "@" DNAME forcesafesearch.google.com  
           write-output "Zone data for entry $($count) too short. Not processing."  


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